Last weekend in a flurry of activity I finally got round to sowing some seeds. I commandeered a corner of the Dining Room and dug out the peat jiffy pots I got on Freecycle last year. Having watched the Gardener’s World special on peat I would never again buy anything peat-based, but these came free, so seems a waste not to try them out.

Anyway, I used them to sow annuals to fill in some gaps (cornflowers, scabious, cosmos, zinnias) and some coriander and various basils to cook with. The modules are shockingly easy to use, and within two days most of the flower seeds were sprouting away. They are growing quite leggy now, and no true leaves yet, but we’ll see…

At the same time I used my New Horizon Peat Free Organic Growbag stuff – as recommended – to fill old loo roll holders and sowed sweet peas. A little late, but I am hopeful of getting something to bung outside later. I also sowed several squash seeds – all for mini squash. More exciting still I also sowed a couple of pots outside with Nantes 5 and a small round carrot, just to see, and lots of salad leaves – Mixed Salad Bowl, Oriental Spice, Mizuna, Rocket. Most of the salad leaves are showing signs of life already, but nothing on the carrots yet.

Now I just have to wait for the DigIn campaign seeds and my Tumbling Tom tomato plants to arrive. I think I will also plant some of the purple French beans that were so lovely last year in little pots ready to plant out in a huge pot later on.

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