Well, no gardening this weekend, but the first two squash plants are showing signs of life, and half the French beans are pushing their way above the soil, so at least there seems to be some progress.

Other than that, it was all armchair stuff – when we have cleared the bed in front of the garage, we are going to move not only the bamboo which is obscuring the climbing hydrangea, but also the purple phormium. It is beautiful, but too big for the space now, and we will gain a valuable new sunny planting space by shifting it. I think the phormium, bamboo and Fatsia will really bring the garage bed some class too, with the benefit of needing much, if any, maintenance.

We are also going to shift the veronicastrum so that it no longer obscures the acer. Feels good to have plans, now just need time and energy to execute them!

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