Inspired by patientgardener’s latest post I decide to get in on the act, in the hope that it spurs me on to action re the area around my pond. Hopefully these pics will remind me that I really need to plant loads of crocus, and possibly some other spring bulbs, so that it doesn’t look this bare this time next year.

Taste police should ignore the plastic ducks in the pond (long story). This doesn’t show it, but when you wander up close there are promising signs of aquelegias and sedums, not to mention first new growth on the various grasses. I also have a load of Primula Denticulata and Cadelabra Primulas to plant out once they look robust enough, and hope to create some summer colour by adding deep red lobelia and some monarda to the verbena bonariensis and foxgloves. Last year there was a dreadful gap between the aquelegias and the late summer perennials.

The scrubby rubbish in the foreground on the right is to remind me to dig out the Lysimachia, which has taken over. I hope to rescue the lovely purple leaved sedum that struggles to survive amongst it, improve the soil, and plant out a load of colourful annuals while I work out what I really want to do with that patch. The first annuals I ever grew were for the brand new cutting garden at Cerrig yr Adar two years ago, which was boggy clay. It worked amazingly well, so although I am sadly lacking the acres we had there, I at least hope to grow a splash of colour we can pick for the house.

Hopefully next month it will be a lot more interesting…

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  1. Your pond is really beautiful even without the things to come! You must have planned that carefully, it looks so natural.

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