Yesterday I finally got round to some serious seed sowing, and have now totally filled the shelf thingy that is cluttering up the dining room – south facing patio doors, so prime seed-nursery real estate.

Dwarf Runner Bean ‘Pickwick’
Garlic chives
Baby sweetcorn
Courgette F1 Hybrid ‘Soleil’
Butternut Squash

Zinnia ‘Red Spider’
Zinnia ‘Envy’
Zinnia ‘Sprite Mix’
Cosmos ‘Purity’
Cosmos ‘Dazzler’
Carex ‘Flagillifera’
Alchemilla Mollis
Tagetes ‘Simba’ (for the toms and chilis)

Nothing else seems to have died, and I now thing the ‘Pinochio’s Nose’ chillies were too dry – I water from the bottom on capillary matting, to try to avoid flooding the dining room, and I think they just didn’t get enough. Everything else seems to be thriving though. Must remember not to use the large plug tray for sowing lots of different seed though. It may be a wonderfully efficient use of space, but things all germinate at different times and leave me with problems when it comes to potting on…

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