So the blogging idea has already failed – it was supposed to be my way of logging what I do in the garden, what works, what doesn’t. A garden diary on steroids, if you will, taking full advantage of tags and photos etc. Well, here’s a surprise – I am already behind. Last week, can’t even remember when exactly, I pricked out my Tomato ‘Sungold’ seedlings and the chilis. Most are doing very nicely thank you, but all, every single one, of the ‘Pinochio’s Nose’ chili seedlings have fallen over. Maybe I pricked them out too early. Maybe they just hate me. Anyway, I am illogically upset by this failure, so refuse to record their demise, instead showing the healthy ones:

Healthy Tomato Seedlings

However, inspired by various wonderful garden blogs that I have started following, I am determined to start documenting progress, and use the camera too. Having just read patientgarden’s latest blog entry, I am going to finish my tea, fling on some clothes, and take a photo of my pond border, which is my main target for progress this year. Then, a day late, but in the hope that from now on I will do the same throughout the year at the end of the month from now on, I will post my own “end of the month” progress report.

So here I am, inspired by other gardeners, straining at the leash, ready to sow, plan, dream, and hopefully blog the year away. And here’s hoping that ME doesn’t get in the way of the gardening yet again…

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