7 thoughts on “Celebrating Autumn

  1. Fabulous colours! What a shame that many of them only last for a few days. I think you’ve done a great job with arranging your plants to give some stunning contrasts.

    1. Thank you Mark! Perversely I rather love the fact that it is all so fleeting. I literally woke up one morning last week to see that the acer had turned into a ball of flame, but in a few days all the leaves will be gone.

  2. Janet, your photos are wonderful. I love the close ups on the fall foliage. I scrolled through a few of your posts. I will have to put you on my list of blogs to follow. Thanks for visiting my Queen of Seaford blog.

    1. Hi Janet – how rare to find another one! Thank you for popping over, and for adding me to your blogroll – I shall return the favour!

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