• Salad onion ‘Deep Purple’
  • Lemongrass
  • Savoy King
  • F1 Hispi
  • Garlic Chives
  • Geranium phaeum

P.S. This isn’t actually supposed to appear on the home page! It is part of a (currently failing) experiment using a calendar plugin to keep track of what I sow and plant. Given I’ve got comments, I’m going to leave this one well alone, but tomorrow I have some fixing to do ;-)

26 thoughts on “Sowed

  1. Hi Janet,

    Good work!

    I sowed a few plants yesterday and some toms and peas, got them outside now in the beautiful sunshine tempting them to sprout!

    Had a go at Garlic Chives last year but wasn’t very successful, hopefully they will come back though!

    1. Hi Liz, I actually sowed these earlier in the month, as per adjusted post, this isn’t actually meant to be appearing here! Ah well – good luck with your seeds, hope they sprout strong and fast. Am envious of the sunshine. We were promised some but it never materialised. I failed dismally with garlic chives last year, but am refusing to give up because I really like them…

  2. Hey, Wordless Wednesday, where’s the pictures… LOL. I know you have been crazy busy with the allotment, so you are excused. :grin:

    1. I did a Wordless Wednesday post! Honest! Check it out!This one isn’t supposed to be a visible post at all, but what the heck…

    1. Will look forward to that. Winter has to end soon, surely, even for you?!

  3. We have ordered a geranium phaeum ‘Raven’ plant – never thought to try seed – how long before i will produce a flowering plant?

    1. Hi Sue, sorry no idea, not in the first year I assume. I’ve never tried growing geraniums from seed before, but it is a lot cheaper than buying them so thought it would be worth a go.

  4. You actually plant garlic chives? I can’t keep them out of my garden — they’re taking over! That’s my fault though, for letting them go to seed. I probably have 200 plants in a pretty small area now. =)

    1. I think that tends to be the way of it once you have them. However, this will be my second attempt to have any at all, I failed with them dismally last year. Wish I lived close by, I’d take some off your hands!

  5. Still only peppers sown by me as yet, I might put that to rights this weekend and do some more sowing.

    1. Hi Jo, happy sowing if you go for it. I am waiting until 1st March to start the tomatoes, but did start some chilli seeds off. Now the trick will be to stop them going leggy.

  6. Bahaha! Don’t you hate when things post when you don’t mean for them to? Sounds like you are off to a rip-roaring start!

    1. Hi Hanni. Its a real pain, particularly when I find out about it too late to fix it that day. Still, there’s always tomorrow!

  7. Dear Janet, As you may imagine, I have no idea what a calendar plug in is…although I assume it is something technological rather than botanical. However, I have noted that you have a most exotic list of things which you intend to sow [and grow I presume] and I look forward to reading about them coming to fruition.

    1. Dear Edith, you are absolutely correct, definitely technological, but intended to help me with the botanical. That’s the theory anyway. I’ll definitely post about the sowing successes and failures, if only so that I can keep track of them myself. I’m rather excited about the lemongrass.

  8. I know you didn’t mean to have this post show up, Janet, but I’m amazed to see that you are actually able to plant something already. We have another cover of snow, so it will be awhile before I can dig in the dirt. I enjoyed reading your earlier post about all the work at your allotment, too–I feel as though I’m gardening vicariously through you. I did chuckle at your realization you didn’t have enough room for everything, though. I always seem to have that problem, too: when I’m digging up or preparing a new bed, it seems so large, but then when I start planting, it’s never big enough for all the plants I want:)

    1. Hi Rose. Sorry to hear you have yet more snow, you must be getting a little bored of it now. I couldn’t sow seed in the ground yet, far too cold, but I can sow in modules in the greenhouse to plant out later, which is what I’ve been doing! A nice way to get a head start. Re space, yep, always a problem!

    1. Excellent! Sadly my lemon grass seems to be succumbing to damping off, it is keeling over as I watch. Better try again…

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