Given how fabulous the Beremeal Bannocks were, and give that I was doing an Indian meal for MIL’s birthday, I just had to try out one of the other recipes Fay@The Wind and the Wellies sent me – beremeal chapattis.

I’ve never made any sort of chapattis before, and the fact that some of the visiting family are also regular visitors to India meant that I was doubly nervous. I needn’t have worried – the India officianados loved them. S actually wound up cooking half of them, trying to mimic the action of the women he had watched so many times, and they were all devoured. Give them a go!

5 oz (125mg) Birsay beremeal

½ tsp salt

½ Tbls cooking oil

2 fl oz water (approx.)

(Makes 8 small chapattis)

  1. Mix the flour with the salt and oil, add the water (just enough for the mixture to hold together – not too wet).
  2. Leave covered in the fridge for at least 2 hours.
  3. Divide mixture into 8 parts and roll each piece out to about saucer size. We weren’t sure what size saucer, so just went for as thin as we could get.
  4. Cook on a hot bakestone/girdle or in a clean dry frying pan over a high heat until going brown in patches on the underside, then turn over and cook the other side.
  5. Keep warm in a clean dry tea towel as you cook them and serve as warm as possible.

Apologies for the poor photo, we were in a hurry to eat them…

Beremeal Chapattis

10 thoughts on “Bread of the Day: Beremeal Chapattis

    1. Hi Janet. Its a traditional Scottish grain, I hadn’t heard of it either until Fay put me on to it and then very kindly sent me some.

  1. Reading through the chappati recipe has reminded me how similar they are to the tortillas that are native to the cuisine that I grew up with. They really just a vehicle for scooping up food, I guess, but so delicious despite (or because of?) their simplicity.

    1. I think that’s exactly right – you can use pretty much any of these flatbreads for scooping or rolling.

  2. As mentioned by Bee, the chappati is pretty similar to the tortilla. Next time we have a suitable Indian meal, I’m planning to use my trusty tortilla-press to have a go at making chappatis. It should make the whole process a bit easier – and quicker. A favourite of ours is Kheema Mattar with chappatis (spicy lamb mince with peas).

    1. Hi Jo, go for it, it truly is as easy as it sounds, we made them in a kitchen full of chaotic chatting and comings and goings.

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