I honestly thought that I would feel sad, leaving this garden. After all, it was my first. I planted my first shrub here, my first tree, split my first perennials. Maybe it is because I am leaving it in the capable hands of Mil and Fil, at least for a while, or maybe it is just because I am ready to move on. I certainly still enjoy it, even in its current soggy and slightly ramshackle state.

soggy garden

I am aware that I am hugely fortunate not to have to worry about transporting all the plants I want to keep, even the ones in pots, all in one go. We’ll fit in what we can, but thereafter various relatives have promised to collect a few on their way up to see us, and next spring I will be able to come back and divide or just plain dig up the various special plants I don’t want to be without. Mostly I am just excited about learning my way around a new climate, new soil conditions, about starting again.


Just as well I wasn’t intending to dig up lots of things, given how unremittingly wet it has been these past couple of months. It was a miracle we managed to dismantle the greenhouse in the dry! Now that was an adventure in grown-up construction toys… Memo to self. If I am ever in the position of buying another greenhouse, don’t scrimp, buy the safety glass! Horticultural glass is brutally thin and sharp, and the process of unclipping the first few panels was fraught with tension as we got used to how “firm” we had to be…

tackling the glass

Armed with sturdy gloves and an enormous roll of bubble wrap, it actually went quite smoothly in the end, and we completed the job just as the rain started up again. It did look rather forlorn though:


The frame was more interesting, though less so than I thought. I was determined to keep it in sections if at all possible, as it will save so much time when we come to re-assemble it, not to mention cutting out the more frustrating sections of the instruction manual. It was much easier than I had thought it would be, and we quickly wound up with a neat stack of pieces.

flat-pack greenhouse

Which was just as well, since yes, you guessed, it started to rain again. I keep checking the weather in Cemaes to compare. It does seem a little drier, but time will tell. But we exchanged contracts today, so it is all official, and next week the greenhouse will be transported to its new home, where it can lord it over the slightly shabby wooden one that I have to work out how to rescue and make beautiful again.

So, my next post will be from my new base on Anglesey. I’m really looking forward to sharing my new gardening adventures, not to mention getting tips and ideas on how to tackle the various challenges of growing veg in a comparatively small space and dealing with a maritime climate. I am already obsessing about what tree to plant in the front garden to increase the privacy, since there are lovely views across the bay and I want to be able to sit there and daydream with a mug of tea. I have also discovered a fruit nursery in Bangor which sells apples, pears and other fruit native to Wales, and which are therefore perfectly adapted to the climate, so I already have plans for a fruit cordon boundary between the kitchen garden and the other area round the back. And of course there is that circle in the front garden to dismantle, and all that lovely slate to find a new use for. Somehow, I don’t think I am going to be bored…

See you in Wales!

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  1. Bye bye lovely garden – I won’t forget you. Good luck with the move Janet. Hope you have a little time to blog now and then.

    1. Thanks Elaine, I certainly hope to be blogging again soon, once we are in, we aim to take our time settling, unpacking, getting to know the local area etc.

    1. Diolch! Am working on my Welsh, though most of the people we have met there so far appear to hale from Liverpool…

      As to shots of the new garden, there will be many, as I try to identify what is there, share my “hit list” of plants that just have to go, dream about what to put in their place…

  2. You’re moving to Wales! How exciting! Yes, the maritime climate will bring new joys and challenges. I know it’s hard to move, but exciting at the same time. I’ll look forward to your posts in your new home and garden. Cheers!

    1. Hugely exciting, I have always wanted to live by the sea, so this is a dream come true.

  3. It’s not always easy saying goodbye to a cherished garden you nurtured for years, but a new garden, how exciting! Something to look forward to indeed :) Good luck with the rest of the move, and looking forward to seeing you updates on the new garden!

    1. I can’t believe that this time next week I will be there. Can’t wait to unpack the soil tester and see what I have to play with. You’ll laugh when you see the “pond” there is in the front garden…

  4. A time of mixed emotions no doubt Janet but how reassuring to know that your cherished garden will be in safe hands for the time being. You must have all sorts of exciting plans for your new patch of earth. Hope that the move goes smoothly and that sun is out next week so that you can sip that mug of tea outside whilst you contemplate the fun that you are going to have.

    1. Thanks Anna, it does look as if the forecast is improving just in time! You never know, I may even get the occasionaly paddle in, as light relief from box unpacking. It does make a huge difference knowing I can come back and “steal” from this garden next Spring, and that in the mean time Mil and Fil will be enjoying it themselves.

  5. Hope the move goes well, so exciting moving to a new area, climate and garden. Will look forward to hearing all about your new garden and projects to make it your very own!

    1. Thanks Pauline, I am really looking forward to the new challenges – I must remember that I can take my time about it!!

  6. Congratulations on exchanging contracts, it kis always such a frought time. Good luck with the move and I hope the weather will be kind to you when you are actually moving; there is nothing worse than trying to do it all in the rain. Enjoy your tea! Christina

    1. Thank you Christina, forecast looking pretty good at the moment, am even hoping for local fish and chips sat on the wall overlooking the beach for our first meal there!

  7. Good luck with the move, Janet. It all sounds so exciting and I’ll be reading with interest how you settle into your new garden. Congratulations dismantling the greenhouse. Hope getting it back together again is as breakage free ;) Best wishes, WW.

    1. Thanks Wellywoman, I think the trick with the greenhouse re-assembly will be to wait until I am less tired, at the moment I am very clumsy, which doesn’t go well with handling horticultural glass!!

    1. Thanks Cat, I am really looking forward to having a whole new garden to play with!

  8. I hope that all goes well with your move, and that the greenhouse reassembles without any problems.
    It’s good to see that you’re already planning ahead, and I like that you’re going to buy the fruit trees from a local nursery. xx

    1. Hi Flighty, I was so excited when I discovered that nursery, it rings all the right bells for me. Hopefully come Autumn we will be ready to get planting…

  9. You are so very lucky being able to go back and take plants at your leisure, Janet. Wish I could go back and nab some of the stuff from my old garden. Really looking forward to reading all about your new adventures. Dave

    1. Hi David, I really am, so lucky, I know, and it is good to be leaving the garden in the hands of people that I know really like it. The only problem is that there are a couple of shrubs that I am going to feel rather guilty about depriving them of, so I think I may remind myself that lots of things are much happier to be planted small and allowed to develop rather than being dug up and moved when already fairly mature…

  10. Dear Janet – all the very best wishes for the move and your new life in the West. Hope it will not be long before you feel rooted. Au revoir to this lovely garden and hello to the promise of the new
    p.s. admire the greenhouse dismantling job

    1. Thank you Laura, I am really looking forward to getting a new kind of dirt under my fingernails.

  11. Janet – Looking forward to reading your musings as you sit with a cup of tea under your new tree in Wales. Good luck with the move!

    1. Hi bag, right now I am thinking more in terms of a large glass of wine, but there will certainly be lots of musing. Am intrigued to see what the garden looks like in the height of summer.

    1. Hi Liz, thanks, I am looking forward to being back there, and can’t wait to get to know the local coastline.

  12. The time has finally arrived Janet, you may remember we have had an ongoing situation as to whether we would move or not, I don’t think it will happen. Good luck and I cant wait to see the greenhouse erected in its new home.

    1. Hi Alistair, well I suppose at least you won’t have to uproot yourselves from your lovely garden. It still seems faintly surreal that we are finally moving, though the piles of boxes suggest it is imminent…

  13. wonderful news Janet, out of limbo at last, I’m late reading this so you will probably be in Wales when you see my comment, hope the journey and move went well, it’s nice you can visit your old garden and could you take cuttings from the much loved but better left shrubs, looking forward to following your progress in your new garden, Frances

    1. Hi Frances, not quite there yet, Wednesday is the Big Day, then I can start getting to know my new playground.

  14. How fortunate for you to have relatives who will bring you more of your plants in the spring!! I hated having to move my plants, wished I could have brought more, sorry I had to leave what I did. Oh well, new adventures for both of us! Glad to see you back in the blogging world.

    1. Hi Janet, I think it is the ultimate luxury for a gardener, I do feel extraordinarily fortunate. But as you say, new adventures for us both!

  15. I look forward to seeing your new garden! I think that planning a new garden is my favorite task, though it is also the most tiring. I hope that you have an easy transition to your new home!

    1. I do love all the planning and dreaming involved in a new garden, though this is so established it sometimes feels more like archaeology!

  16. How exciting that the day you’ve been waiting for for so long is finally here. I know you’re going to enjoy creating something new from a blank slate. And how fortunate to be able to take plants with you, but not having to take them all at once. You really won’t be leaving your old garden behind–it’s going with you!

    1. Hi Rose, so true, and there is even a purple leaved acer in the equivalent corner of this garden! Spooky…

  17. Hurrah! And what a beautiful day to drive to the sea, not just for a visit but for a new life! Hope that the journey and transition goes well, I’m really looking forward to following your adventures in your new garden.
    Sara x

    1. Oh I do like to be beside the seaside, oh I do like to be beside the sea… Hi Sara, it is wonderful here, I am giddy with happiness – and exhaustion! Looking forward to sharing my adventures.

  18. How wonderfully exciting! I’m so glad this move is going relatively well for you and you are looking forward to being in your new garden. Can hear the excitement in your voice and can’t wait to see what’s in store.

    1. We’ve been so fortunate Marguerite, I feel I should keep pinching myself!

    1. I’m loving it, though it is frustrating that there are so many other calls on my time and energy at the moment. Patience is not something I am famed for…

  19. Good luck Janet! Hope the move goes well and that you settle in quickly to your new home. It’s always great to start a new project, so sounds very exciting.

    1. Hi Nancy, it is, extremely exciting, though not nearly as challenging as your own project!

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