I’ve had to give up on most of the seedlings I sowed a couple of weeks ago – they just didn’t get enough light, and are disastroulsy leggy. I hope the French Beans may recover, and perhaps some of the Sweet Peas (though they are late enough as it is), but the rest don’t look as if they will do anything.

I’ve moved the table with the seedlings to right in front of the window for maximum light, and probably unwisely have started off more Sweet Peas, more squash and some perennial foxgloves.

I’ve had better luck outside – I moved the Veronicastrum clump so that it no longer obscures the Acer, and removed three overgrown Hebes, clearing space and giving Acer and Hazels room to do their thing. I’ll have to leave dividing one of the grasses until the Autumn, I think, and I need to work out where to move some, or all, of the purple (mind’s gone blank, can’t think what it’s called, in front of the bamboo) to celar more space for flowers/veg.

I’m too tired to clear the roots in the garage bed, so moving the bamboo will also have to wait, but at least I have tamed the bamboo a little.

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