So it seems that although I have taught myself to be a pretty ruthless gardener when it comes to moving or even removing shrubs etc. that have outgrown their space or just plain don’t work, I am a wimp when it comes to seedlings.

The seedlings sown a few weeks ago in peat jiffy pots became seriously leggy due to lack of light. I should probably have chucked most of them. Instead I spent an hour or so yesterday carefully potting them on into 76mm pots, burying them deep, in the hope that some, at least, might recover. I was encouraged ‘cos many of them had roots through the bottom – a lesson for the future, pot on sooner – and today, amazingly, some already look better. I think I just left them in the mini tablets too long. Though the light starvation certainly didn’t help! Guess last year I had a lot of beginner’s luck.

Anyway, I’ve bunged French Beans into large pots and have started hardening them off, and amazingly lots of the foxglove seeds, which did not look at all promising, have started showing, so I have bunged them in larger pots too to prevent them drying out, which may have been another issue. Very hard to water effectively inside, in a room with a posh floor…

So, although I chucked out a lot of cosmos, there is some white being given another chance, and I may try a tray of pink if I can just work out where on earth I would plant them. For a south facing garden I really don’t have much open sunny planting space. That will teach me to plant lots of trees. Lots of privacy and beauty, but also lots of partial shade, which hardy annuals are not exactly famous for liking!

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