OK, so the BBC seeds finally arrived day before yesterday. Hope it’s not too late for the tomatoes… Still having problems with wilting fuschia cuttings, and seedlings are still very slow putting on any growth. I think maybe it gets too cold over night? Lack of sun at the moment can’t be helping either. It’s strange it being so totally out of my control, whether and how well things do.

I sowed annuals in a patch of ground outside the kitchen window, so hope they do something, and also have eaten the first of the home grown salad, so not a total bust. Just hoping that the dwarf french beans I left outside by mistake (2 days before they were due to be left out) cope ok.

Best of all, wonderful Peter dug the black bamboo out and divided it, so we now have a chunk planted out in front of the garage and 5 more in pots of varying sizes, which may or may not take.

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