Its easy to add lime to soil to make it more alkaline, which is useful if you want to grow e.g. brassicas, but what if you over do it? Here’s a useful tip from TS at Casa Mariposa:

“Cottonseed meal will also help acidify the alkaline portion of your garden if you want to change the pH. It will also make your worms happy!”

4 thoughts on “Acidify your soil

  1. That’s handy piece of information Janet, thanks for sharing! We’ll be acidying certain parts of our garden to keep some ericaceous plants looking healthy.

    I just need to research now where I can get cottonseed meal…:)

    1. Hi there, glad it might be helpful! Did this pop up in my blog feed? It wasn’t supposed to but I’ve been having a few problems…

  2. Hi, loving the blog its very easy on the eyes and helps to see the results of others. Just one thing though, I always thought that worms do not like acidic soil hence the adding of flowers of Sulphur and Iron to lawns as a way to deter them and their pesky casts?
    Also adding lots of well rotted organic matter releases nitrogen and over time will decrease ph, increase acidity…bit slow though and takes a couple seasons.
    Keep up with the allotment posts inspiring!

    1. Hi there, glad you are enjoying the blog! Hadn’t heard about worms not liking acidic soil. Maybe it depends on how acidic it is? My garden soil is slightly acidic and I have lots of worms. I think in general the well rotted organic matter is a better way to go, but if you’ve inherited a very limey allotment, like I just have, or just over do the lime, I think this might be useful. But I’ve not tried it yet!

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