16 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Frost-kissed windows

    1. Hello Carol! It always thrills me that the natural process of water freezing can lead to such transient beauty.

    1. Hello Christina! I got very cold taking the photos, believe me! I wanted to linger and see if there were other beautiful patterns round the side, but I was losing the feeling in my fingers…

    1. I was reminded of feathers too. I was going to wait for sun but got too cold…

    1. Hi Rosie, thank you! I was really thrilled to spot them – though a little worried about my plants inside the greenhouse…

  1. I love to see the patterns of frost .. it can be so absolutely beautiful can’t it ?
    These are very pretty indeed !
    Joy : )

    1. Thank you Joy! Yes, it can be very beautiful – provided you can soon warm up again after enjoying it!

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