36 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Star Magnolia

  1. No words are needed, those pictures speak for themselves, absolutely beautiful. Nice to see the gorgeous blue sky too.

    1. Hi Jo, I agree, the sight of blue sky makes my heart sing almost as much as the Magnolia stellata in full bloom.

    1. Hi Christina, I am rather in love with it – it literally stops me in my tracks when I walk in to the kitchen at the moment, it is so smothered in flowers! So fleeting though, they are already dropping like white confetti.

  2. Oh how I love a magnolia stellata! Beautiful pictures, beautiful plant. Love your blog and that diary is brilliant. How can I get one similar?

  3. What a beauty Janet, you make me want to plant one in my garden. I do have two Janes that are a hybrid of Stellata.

    1. Hi Janet, it has become one of those plants that I really wouldn’t want to do without!

  4. Simply magnificent magnolia blooms! I must admit, I’m rather jealous of your glorious blue skies at the moment. I’ve almost forgotten what blue skies look like!

    1. So had I, it has been wonderful having some blue skies again, not to mention some warmth. Almost enough to wipe away the memory of months of leaden grey. Hope you get some yourself soon!

    1. Hi Anna, they are actually quite small for Magnolia blooms – did you see the one Carol Klein caught on last week’s Gardener’s World?! These are only about 6cm across when fully open, but at least most of them are at eye level so they are easy to enjoy.

  5. Glorious photos of a glorious plant. Ours isn’t out yet, amazing how much difference a few hundred miles make. We may have to cover it with fleece as in past years the petals have frosted and gone brown.

    1. Hi Janet, at least you will be enjoying your Magnolia when mine is just a mass of browning petals on the ground…

    1. Hi Nell, no idea what you mean by the Dr. Merrill comment, but thanks for visiting!

  6. Janet I love the Magnolia Stellata, I am always banging on as to why they should not grow in our garden. Especially when in three weeks time I will see them in their full glory only about a mile from where I live.

  7. As ever Janet, beautiful photographs. What a magnificent plant. What camera do you use, your photos are always so crisp and clear

    1. Hi Ronnie, you don’t get to see all the pics that never make it to the blog – or anywhere else once I’ve seen them! But thank you for the lovely compliment. I have a Panasonic Lumix FZ30 – basically a compact camera with a posh lens that is what people who can’t afford a Digital SLR buy.

  8. It is a beautiful plant and you photographed it very well, I love bits of sunlight and shade on the blooms.

  9. Oh, sorry about not making the Dr. Merrill statement clearer. ‘Dr. Merrill’ is one of the most popular Magnolia stellata cultivars. I grow ‘Leonard Messel’ a pink cultivar.

    The rest of my comment had to do with not visiting posts that just say ‘Wordless Wednesday’ without a clue to what I’m about to see. Yours was enticing.

    1. Ah! Thank you Nell! No idea what cultivar mine is, I planted it over ten years ago and have lost my journals for that time :-( Glad you were enticed!

    1. Add the scent from the Magnolia and it is hard to tear myself away…

    1. Thank you Rose. Sadly, the first of the petals are already falling to the ground like confetti.

    1. Yes, exactly! A little like a bunch of over dressed and slightly drunk girls on a night out?!

  10. A blooming magnolia is definitely one of the first signs of spring. The creamy white Star Magnolia looks lovely set against the bright blue sky.

    1. I’ve noticed the scent more this year too, perhaps because it has been particularly warm and still.

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