1. Gorgeous images! I have been utterly mesmerised by the hoar frosts, and have been rather camera happy. Even the Almondsbury Interchange looked beautiful this morning; that has to be a first! x

    1. “Almondsbury Interchange” and “beautiful” – no, sorry, does not compute! I am too scarred by my many commuting experiences there… I’ve been camera-happy too, even bought a new battery. This morning I reminded myself that sometimes it is good to just look with my eyes rather than through a lens, but it is so beautiful out there right now…

      1. Indeed I was rather surprised! It’s my least favourite road junction of all time (and the site of my only ever incident when a lorry blithely ripped off half the bumper of my old car when cutting across me!) – yet the trees were absolutely stunning this morning as the sun started to rise, it almost made up for the road itself… No camera today but think I will still try and take myself round the business park at lunchtime to admire with my eyes… not quite as scenic as our countryside though…

  2. Dear Janet – your photography is stunning. The hoarfrost* delineates the birchtree structure so beautifully. Happy WW

    (* had to check – formed when the trees were colder than the air temp!)

    1. Thank you Laura!

  3. White on white, very effective. Instead of red berries, green conifers and tawny grass seedheads as a foil for the white frosty stuff, your snow on white birches is really nice.

    1. Thank you Laurrie, I rather like the subtlety of it. And thanks for popping over!

  4. Hah! Almondsbury Interchange… I too have negotiated this one in my time. The company I work for has offices nearby. At present I am working at Elstree near Borehamwood, Herts, and I had to travel around the M25 yesterday. It was much more picturesque than usual — the whole countryside was white, not with snow, but with hoar frost. I wish I had had my camera with me, and that it had been possible to stop and record the views.

  5. Loving the hoar frost pictures, hadn’t heard of the phenomina until this winter! Gorgeous

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