1. Nice to see somethings sprouting between the leafs. I hope it resist well during the winter.

    1. I just hope they don’t get over excited and flower too early…

  2. I love finding new growth emerging from the leaf litter or mulch. Such a sense of promise.

    1. Exactly! Just what I needed, the garden otherwise looks rather drab and miserable right now.

  3. How exciting to see these green shoots emerging! I’m definitely ready for spring already.

    I hope you had a wonderful Christmas!

    1. Hi Rose. I don’t enjoy the dark damp weather but I do like having some down time in which to plan. I always change my mind come Spring, but I love the dreaming period, the pouring over seed catalogues, plotting.

  4. That is so much of the beauty of our gardens…the hope and promise of what is to come after a long winters nap! Somehow I always feel like I had something to do with its survival although I know it is just the miracle of nature ;-)

    1. I find bulbs amazing – year after year I plant them, think “nothing can possibly come from this”, fret a little anxiously, wondering if they are rotting in my damp heavy soil, and then, the shoots – and hopefully the flowers! Little lessons in trust.

    1. Happy New Year! And yes, the hope is most welcome at this time of year.

  5. There’s a surprising amount of green around, isn’t there? Here’s to warmer days ahead, filled with blooming plants!

    1. I do love the way you can be suddenly surprised by things, if you bother to look closely enough. The days are getting longer, just January and February to survive…

    1. Thank you Mike!

    1. That wonderful cycle of the seasons!

  6. Great to see young shoots coming through, spotted some Snowdrops just breaking through the soil the other day.

    1. I love snowdrops – no sign of ours yet though…

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