1. Isn’t it? I was expecting such great things from the Chipping Sodbury Christmas decorations, it is a market town with pretensions, and usually looks magical…

  1. How sad. Also disproves the theory of one of the commenter’s over at mine that trees will be fine with no barriers. However, I suspect barriers round the tree wouldn’t have stopped whoever did this anyway.

    Thanks for joining in with Out on the Streets.

    1. I suspect the barriers would just have made it more fun to attack the tree. Depressing though, isn’t it!

    1. So true! But its actually quite posh… Well, compared to Yate anyway. Mind you, anywhere is posh compared to Yate…

  2. Very speechless – are folk really that vile to vandalise a christmas tree?

    1. Hi Fay, I know, I couldn’t believe what I was seeing.

  3. Really, what’s the point of doing this? I don’t get why anyone would do it. Growing up we had a problem with kids taking the bulbs out of the light strings and breaking them on the sidewalk. It was hard trying to stay feeling festive.

    1. I veered between pity that anyone would feel so empty as to not appreciate the magic of a Christmas tree and therefore be willing to deface it, and the assumption that it was some drunken lout, egged on by his/her mates, who thought it would be a laugh. Ther is no point to it at all, which is so sad. Thanks for visiting James.

  4. Is that silly string?
    I agree about with a previous commenter about the village name!

    1. Hi Bee! I suppose it does look a little like silly string, but no, its a string of lights…

  5. Very sad to see the tree like this

    1. Isn’t it? Does this kind of thing happen in Japan?

    1. Hello Mike, rather missing the Spirit of Christmas, isn’t it…

    1. Hi Pam. Sad and rather pathetic!

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