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  1. Hi Janet, I’m back on line, I hope to post later today. It is wonderful that we gardeners can be hopeful with just a few shoots telling us that winter will be over and spring WILL come. Christina

    1. Hi Christina, how wonderful to have you back on line, I’ve missed you!

      1. Thank you, its nice to be back I’ve been reading the posts but not able to see photos, the new computer is up and running if with a few glitches.

    1. “Hope filled” is right, particularly the tulips emerging out of my heavy wet clay soil. I am daring to hope that they will flower…

    1. It’s so exciting at this time of year, particularly when you planted new bulbs in the Autumn and you see that they have not rotted away!

  2. Your garden is the second one I have seen with buds and little green plant pushing through in the UK. I am getting a little green myself over here seeing spring being so partial. LOL. These are lovely images, kidding aside. Only a true gardener would notice these little gifts coming up through the leaf litter.

    1. Hi Donna, I think it is because we are so desperate for signs of new life! We go hunting and hoping and our hearts sing out when we spot a little sign of fresh growth.

    1. Indeed! Though given how busy Spring is perhaps I should be careful what I wish for ;-)

    1. Isn’t it? I was amazed by how much new growth there was already when I started looking properly.

    1. Its always really exciting, Winter is still here but the new growth promises Spring round the corner.

    1. Thanks Mark. Looking back to the photos I took this time last year I can see how much I have learnt, largely through admiring other people’s photos and practising, a lot. So I’m sure you will soon be seeing your own photography come on in leaps and bounds!

  3. Hi Janet – you don’t need words with such great photos of emerging life in the garden – especially liked the male catkins! Yesterday ventured out to find all sorts of plants emerging back to life but the greatest surprises were the bulbs I did not know I had!

    1. So exciting, discovering bulbs you didn’t know you had! I’m always just grateful when the ones I think I have reappear. Hope they are beautiful… Glad you liked the male catkins, I did too, such a gorgeous colour.

    1. Just popped over to your blog – I see what you mean! Chilly… It has been frosty here today but the signs of Spring are all over the place. Hope your garden warms up and starts budding soon.

  4. Always exciting to see the shoots breaking through the ground. You are about two weeks ahead of us. Just been having a look at your about me page. At one time I dropped my wordpress blog for some other which looked interesting. It was full of problems and I returned to wordpress, much more stable and fully supported by google.

    1. I really like using WordPress, I find it endlessly customisable which is great, whether I am working for a client or doing my own blog.

  5. Ah, nothing like seeing Life in the Garden! Love the green Volkswagon Van ;-)

    1. I love my van very much, but my garden even more, particularly as it is starting to spring into life again (no pun intended…)

  6. I have been keeping a keen eye on all signs of growth and green life. Hooray for shoots and buds! (Gorgeous, gorgeous pictures.)
    One of the things that I love MOST about England is that we get such an early taste of spring.

    1. Hooray indeed! I love the early signs too, though this year I am not in as much of a hurry for Spring proper to arrive as I still have so much to do on the allotment!

    1. It really made my heart sing, particularly spotting the tulips, I really wasn’t sure they would come up in my heavy clay soil, I’ve always grown them in pots before.

  7. I see you have a crocus. I ran out this morning when I saw one from my window but it turned out to be that – just one – and a scraggly one at that. Snowdrops don’t like to grow here at all. Crocuses are reluctant. Daffodils and tulips love it – which means a longer wait.


    1. Oh, poor crocus, so lonely! But hey, daffs and tulips are pretty hard to beat. Not sure how well the crocuses will fair, they tend to only stick around a year or two and then disappear on me.

  8. It’s always a delight to see the first signs of growth in the run up to spring, gives you hope that spring is just around the corner :)

    1. Doesn’t it just! Gladdens the spirits and helps us cope with February, a month I always find hard, though mercifully short.

    1. Thank you, such a lovely comment. Its gone all cold and frosty again here, so I am clinging to those photos as proof of what is to come!

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