42 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Coming, ready or not…

  1. Love the snowdrops and love pussywillows. Pussywillows remind me of my childhood, always was fun to find some fuzzy buds.

    1. I love how strokeable they are, and the way they catch the light. The buds, that is, not the snowdrops!

  2. Oooohhh Fabulous photo’s and so big they look good that size. Good luck with the purple sprouts and the Lemongrass. Thanks for the comment on my blog (I did leave a reply)
    and think about getting a Tayberry, my neighbouring plot-holder has one and they are so tasty.
    M x

    1. Hi Maureen, thanks for popping over – and for the good luck! Will look in to tayberries…

    1. Hi Alice, thank you for dropping by – but please, I don’t want to be responsible for a sudden and expensive purchase ;-)

  3. You have captured the essence of Nature! What amazing photos. I need to be able to take ‘macros’ like that. What type of lens do you use? I have a 14 – 42mm one. Should that be capable of taking photos like yours, do you think?

    1. Hi Mark, thank you! My lens is the one that came with the camera – I don’t have a DSLR, just a so-called “bridge” camera because I didn’t want the hassle and expense of changing lenses. However, the Panasonic FZ series do have very good super zoom lens, mine is 35mm to 420mm. I still don’t get anything like the flexibility at short focal length that a good DSLR macro lens would, but not bad at all really. Your lens should be able to do even better I would have thought. You need to talk to someone with better technical knowledge I’m afraid!

  4. Hello Janet, ah, the signs of Spring, wonderful. Thanks for your visit to my site and your comments today were particularly appreciated. I have decided to post on Mondays and Thursdays, possibly when the gardening season gets fully under way I will post once per week. I also really enjoy this blogging thing and especially catching up with what other gardeners have to say. However I am struggling with the amount of which I should fave. It seems like ones ranking would benefit with continual faving. I could not possibly do this as it would seem like cheating, for I ask myself why would I fave and then not comment on their blogs. Really would have to spend the whole day in front of this screen if I were to do this. Thanks again. Oh did I see you with commentluv, you will have to let me know if I am making proper use of it.

    1. Hi Alistair. Good luck with your new blogging approach! Your commentluv plugin seems to working fine. ‘Afraid I am not the one to ask about faves and how to use them to boost your ranking, I don’t really use Blotanical, I find it hard enough to manage my time as it is! I’ll possibly be blogging about it at some point because I have residual guilt about this due to the number of people who only find my blog because of Blotanical and all the lovely people who fave or pick my blog/posts.

  5. SIGNS OF SPRING! Hooray!!! I’m so tired of winter. Wonderful photos and reminders that it won’t be winter forever. I needed that!

    1. Glad to provide a little ray of hope! And yes, hooray for the fact that no season lasts for ever, even winter.

  6. Plantaliscious! Your images are as enchanting as the promises they bring. Tried to follow your explanation to Mark on lenses etc but with my point and shoot, it’s still over my head. My main problem is a slight tremor which always gives camera shake. Have had the Blotanical guilts this past week as I’ve been somewhat absent but without it would never have found your blog ;)

    1. Hi Laura, that’s the thing, Blotanical is a wonderful way to find new blogs, I just never seem to be able to manage my time when I am on it! Re lens wobble, I have the same thing, and have learnt to use a tripod or rest my camera on a rock or something where possible. You can get some great little ones for lighter cameras, they make a real difference. Glad we found each other’s blogs :-)

    1. Not quite spring yet, but signs that winter is on its way out at least!

    1. I agree, just finding so many signs of Spring being on its way gave me a boost.

  7. Beautiful – don’t magnolias look amazing with their classy fur coats? Underneath the showy premier red carpet dress. I wouldn’t be surprised if there is a tiara in there some where and a pair of killer heels!

    1. Just as long as this isn’t a case of “fur coat and no knickers” ;-)

    1. Its certainly trying! Bulbs seem to be putting on growth almost as I watch at the moment.

  8. Good morning Janet! Though I know it is afternoon there I am happy to wake up to sunshine. We have so much snow all of your flowers are a delight. I’m beginning to forget what they look like this year. Your pictures are always so gorgeous!

    1. Hi Tina, sorry you are still mired in snow – hope the melt is gentle, and that your own Spring flowers are soon thrilling you.

    1. Hi Jennifer, it really lifts the spirits, doesn’t it. Thanks for dropping by.

  9. What lovely photos. I really must get to grips with the photo fix program so I can sharpen up the close ups I take. It is so heartwarming and exciting to watch plants come to life again – I love Spring it is so full of promise.

    1. I love Spring too – Spring and Autumn, I love the transitions, how everything changes so much, and so quickly.

    1. Hi Cat, I take it as a message that Winter is on it’s way out. Can’t wait for more flowers and proper Spring!

  10. Janet, just doing some catching up reading posts as been away for a week :)

    Superb photos of some buds there, Salix included and that Galanthus. Crocus is just starting to bloom here, quite early as they don’t usually come out till March. Bring on spring!

    1. Hi there, welcome back – glad you had some signs of Spring to greet you!

  11. Such promise in those buds, it’s almost better than the fully opened flower or catkin. It makes you want to sit outside all day and watch them open.

    1. Might be worth doing, if it would only stop raining. I swear they are growing perceptibly each day, maybe I could catch them at it. Friday, only one crocus bud showing. Today, over a dozen. Wonderful!

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