24 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: Emergence

    1. Its lovely making discoveries like this in the garden, isn’t it!

    1. :-) I’m quite grateful that my neighbours can’t really see my antics, at least not when I am in the back garden. I’m beginning to wonder what they’ll make of me up at the allotment though…

  1. I mis read the post title and thought it said Emergency – I was worried for a moment1! I love the emerging helleboress, I think with Peonies they are the only plants we really focus on emerging

    1. :-) Sorry to have given you a shock. I think you may be right – the only other thing I can think of that unfurls in such a dramatic fashion is deciduous ferns. Will have to go frond watching this year.

  2. Here we are buried under a foot of powdery snow, but it is comforting to know that spring has already arrived in some parts of the world

    1. Strange, isn’t it, being so connected to other people who garden in climates so different to our own. it can be a little disconcerting at times!

  3. One of my favorite times of year…when things begin to blossom! It’s 18 degrees here today and *that* seems like a long way off, but spring will be here in South Texas in no time. Beautiful photo Beth :)

    1. Hi Diane. I did a double take there, before I realised you meant 18F not 18C!

    1. Thank you Claire. Its a bit of a seasonal marker, isn’t it! One of those garden staging posts.

  4. Emerging, wonderful, I was about to say Diane in South Texas, already 18d and its not yet Spring. Oh commentluv I see below. This was mentioned to me yesterday, thought they were taking the p, have to go and check it out now.

    1. :-) I saw it on someone else’s blog and rather liked the extra info – and link – it gives about commenters. Its available as a plugin from WordPress and for me at least worked instantly, though I had to tweak the way it was presented to get it to fit in with my theme.

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