40 thoughts on “Wordless Wednesday: All ages represented

    1. Thank you Karen – one of the bizarre side-effects of the strange Autumn.

    1. What a great idea – I can just here them, “What are you doing just starting to flower now?”…

  1. How very strange this year has been. Just came back from the allotment where one of my blueberries, in full leaf still, is producing flowers!!! Lovely for you to have captured this strange year.

    1. Strange, isn’t it. My cosmos is flowering its socks off up at the allotment, but the Jerusalem Artichokes are yellow and brown just as I would expect at this time of year. Very confusing.

  2. I’ve just notices our Iceberg rose has decided to flower again. It must be the mild weather. But to have all three close together must be unique.

    1. There really are some bizarre things going on in our gardens, aren’t there.

    1. Oh yes, I’d forgotten how all stages were shown in those pictures.

  3. The same is happening here. The crazy year of seasons. I really don’t think the plants know what season they are in. The trees are having the same confusion. Shrubs too. Rhododendrons are having a second go of it. I find that one really strange too.

    1. I hope it’s a one-off, and not the shape of chaotic things to come Donna. It worries me to be honest.

    1. Hi Helen, I literally stopped in my tracks when I saw what was going on, and traipsed mud into the house (not unusual, addmittedly) grabbing my camera.

    1. I’ve never seen it before, I wonder if I will ever see it again, I suppose it depends on whether this weird weather becomes “normal”. I hope not, I miss Autumn.

    1. Crazy, isn’t it! And it’s only a tiny rose growing in a pot. Three stems and one of them was doing that!

    1. I’ve never had roses this late in the year before, but there again we still haven’t had a frost either, and there are still foxgloves flowering which is even more bizarre!

  4. Wonderful to catch all three stages at once, stunning photo. The month of October has been very strange here too, plants are all confused, cowslips and candelabra primulas are now flowering once more.

    1. Wow, amazing about the primulas, mine are still all leaf but it wouldn’t surprise me if I came out and saw them flowering, there are foxgloves in flower after all…

  5. What a great photo! I admire those brave little buds that appear this time of year and only hope they have time to open before it’s too cold.

    1. Hi Rose,the bud is already unfurling, I just hope it gets to fully open before the frosts arrive.

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