Well, yesterday I finally got round to planting the lobelia I split a few weeks ago, and the aquilegia that was languishing in an over stuffed pot. I also rescued a grass – I hope – and will nurse it back to full size for the future garden.

I spend an inordinate amount of time trying to work out which plants I can split or otherwise propagate from for a garden that I don’t yet own, or even know where it is! Another of the bamboo offcuts seems to be surviving well, so that’s good, and I’ve also hacked off three pieces of the purple phormium. More tomorrow, maybe, though I want a goodish size piece for the garage bed. At least it is proving easier to dig up and divide than the bamboo was!

The opportunity of the title has been provided by the pruning of the choisya, which turned out to be split at ground level and really beyond rescuing. I will really miss the flowers in the late Spring, and am wondering about looking for a ceanothus to replace it, but in the mean time it gives more space for squash and beans, and posibly even full size lettuces from the DigIn seed.

No sign of the hardy annuals I sowed a couple of weeks ago, hope they do come up, that patch is very bare, but then again I guess I could sow salad leaves instead, and there are the plug plants that I have started to harden off…

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